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广州高一英语入学上学期学习知识点:unit 4-Earthquakes

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过了暑假,很快就会入学,为了各位同学更好的适应新的高一学习方法、环境、知识点,小编为你们带来广州高一英语入学上学期学习知识点:unit 4-Earthquakes,高二高三的同学都可以拿来当复习资料,高一的同学可以进行学习。


广州高一英语入学上学期学习知识点:unit 4-Earthquakes

1.Now imagine there has been a big earthquake. 现在,假设有一次大地震。
“There +be +主语+其它成分”结构中there为引导词,本身无意义,谓语动词按照就近一致原则。其它相似句型还有:
There happen to be 碰巧有
There seems/appears to be 好像有
There is likely to be 可能有
There may/might be 也许有
There must be 一定有
There can’t be 不可能有
There is said/reported to be 据说/据报道有
There used to be 曾经有
There is sure/certain to be 一定有
happen to.
It (so) happened that…
Did you hear what happened to David last night? 你听说大卫昨天晚上发生什么事了吗?
What will happen to the children if Peter and Alice break up? 如果彼得和爱丽丝离婚孩子们将怎么办?
I happened to see Peter on the way to the bookstore yesterday. 昨天我去书店的路上碰巧遇见了彼得。
It so happened that I saw Peter on the way to the bookstore yesterday. 昨天我去书店的路上碰巧遇见了彼得。
I happened to be out when he called. 他来访时,恰巧我出去了。(= It happened that I was out when he called.)
I happened on just the thing I had been looking for. 我偶然发现了我所要找的东西。
3. right away毫不迟疑,立刻
He is ill; you should call in the doctor right away. 他病了, 你应该立即请大夫来。
4. A smelly gas came out of the cracks. 裂缝里冒出臭气。
5. In the farmyards, the chickens and even the pigs were too nervous to eat. 农家大院里,鸡甚至猪都紧张得不想吃食。
6. But the one million people of the city, who thought little of these events, were asleep as usual that night.但是,这个城市的一百万居民都没有把这些情况当一回事,当天晚上照常睡着了。
7. It seemed as if the world was at an end. 世界似乎到了末日。
① It seems/looks/appears as if/though…看起来好像…
② Sb./Sth. looks as if/though…(不用seem/appear)
③ There seems/appears(to be)…(不用 look)
There appears to have been a mistake. =It appears that there has been a mistake.
④ It seems so. =So it seems.看来似乎是这样。
8. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 在可怕的15秒钟内,一座大城市就沦落为一片废墟之中。
9. Two-thirds of them died or injured during the earthquake. 三人之二的人在地震中死去或受伤。
10. The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. 死伤的人数达到40多万。
10. Some of the rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins.有些医生和救援人员被困在废墟下面。
11. All hope was not lost.不是所有的希望都破灭了。该句为部分否定。All, both, everyone, everybody, everything 以及every+名词都表示全部肯定;但当not 在它们之前或之后都表示部分否定。no one, none nobody, nothing, not…any, 以及 no+名词都表示全部否定。如:
① Both of them haven’t read this story.并非他们二人都看过这个故事。
② All of the boys are clever, but none of them can work out this problem. 这些男孩都很聪明,但没有一个人能解出这道题。
③ All bamboo doesn’t grow tall.=Not all bamboo grows tall. 并非所有的竹子都长的高。
12. Workers built shelters for survivors whose homes had been destroyed. 救援人员为那些家园被毁的幸存者盖起了避难所。
13. under the weight of
14. in the open air 在户外,在野外,露天
in the air 在空中,悬而未决
15. take turns to do sth依次,轮流做某事
in turn 依次地,轮流地
It is your turn now.现在轮到你了。
No one is allowed to get his ticket out of turn. 任何人都不准不按次序买票。
16. be shocked at
17. be proud of
18. Our office would like to have you speak to the park visitors on July 28
19. express one’s thanks to sb /for sth…
20. without warning 毫无预兆
21. next to紧接着,相邻,次于
22. get away from…
23. disarster-hit areas灾区
24. raise money 募捐,筹款
25. Listening to English is a very important skill because it is only when we understand what is said to us that we can have a conversation with somebody. 听英语是一项很重要的技能,因为只有当我们懂得别人给我们说什么我们才能与他交谈。
26. It is believed that on the surface of the earth are a number of plates. 人们认为地球表面是一些板块。
27. hold up举起;托住;支撑;使停滞;耽搁;提出;阻挡;列举,推举;(理论等)经得住
Women can hold up half of the sky.妇女能顶半边天。
28. make up弥补, 虚构, 缝制, 整理, 包装, 和解, 编辑, 化妆,补足,拼凑
Farm workers make up only a small section of the population.农民只占人口的一小部分.
The boy made up a story; it was not true. 男孩编了个故事,这故事不是真的。
29. The judge gave a prize and his congratulations to the cyclist who won the competition.裁判把奖金颁给赢得比赛的自行车选手,并向他祝贺。
30. The miners who had been trapped in the mine for two days were finally rescued.被困在煤矿里两天的矿工们最后得到了营救。
31. The reporter recognized that the girl who was so frightened was trying to avoid the question.记者意识到女孩很害怕,而且尽力地回避问题。
32. The big fire destroyed two shops which are about four blocks from here. 大火摧毁了离这儿四个街区的两个商店。
33. I can’t express how I am feeling at the moment. 我无法表达我现在的感觉。
34. It is said but true that people die in earthquakes from falling furniture and bricks. 据说但是真实的,在地震中人们死于倒落的家具和砖块。
35. be fixed to…被固定到……
36. be tied to … 被绑在……


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