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广州高一英语入学上学期学习知识点:unit 2-English around the world,

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过了暑假,很快就会入学,为了各位同学更好的适应新的高一学习方法、环境、知识点,小编为你们带来广州高一英语入学上学期学习知识点:unit 2-English around the world,高二高三的同学都可以拿来当复习资料,高一的同学可以进行学习。


广州高一英语入学上学期学习知识点:unit 2-English around the world,

1. go to the pictures去看电影(美);go to the movies 去看电影(英)
2. …list the countries that use English as an official language 列举把英语用作官方语言的国家
3. the road to …通向……之路
4. at the end of在……末端,在……尽头,by the end最后(=finally)
5. because of 因为…… (注意和because 的区别)
Many beautiful fish are fast disappearing because of the severe pollution.因为污染严重,许多美丽的鱼类正在面临绝种。
An argument was inevitable because they disliked each other so much.
6. native English speakers 以英语作为母语的人
7. even if (= even thoug)即使,用来引导一个让步状语从句,后面既可用陈述语气,也可用虚拟语气,但是even if/even though,引导的从句中不用将来时。如:Even though/if it rains tomorrow, we will leave for Beijing.
8. come up 走上前来,走近,发生,出现 come up with 追上,赶上,提出
9. Actually all languages change and develop when cultures meet and communicate with each other.事实上,当不同文化相互交流渗透时,所有的语言都会有所发展、有所变化。
10. be different from… 与……不同
be different in … 在……不同
Most of my projects will be wildly different in performance from one night to the next.
As we know, Britain English is a little different from American English.中所周知,英国英语和美国英语有点不同。
11. be based on 以……为基础The relationship between our two countries is based upon mutual respect. 两个国家的关系以相互尊重为基础。This book is based on a true story that happened in the 1930s. 这本书以发生在20世纪三十年代的真实故事为基础。 The reporter asked the writer who he based his character on. 记者问作家他作品的人物是以谁为原型的。
12. at present 目前,眼下be present at 在席;出席present sth to sb / present sb with sth把……推荐,呈现……for the present眼前;暂时present oneself 出席;到场
13. make (great/ good/better/full)use of
We have a lot of work to do, so we have to make good use of time.我们有很多工作要做,所以要好好利用时间。
14. The latter gave a separate identity to Amerian English speaking. 后者体现了美国英语的不同特色。
15. For example, India has a very large number of fluent English speakers because Britain ruled India from 1765 to 1947. 比如说, 印度拥有众多讲英语流利的人,这是应为英国于1765到1947年统治过印度。(A small number of friends came to help him when he was in trouble)
16. such as 例如
for example In this paragraph there are many nouns, such as boy, girl, and book. 这一段里面有很多名词,例如男孩、女孩和书本。Many great men have risen from poverty---Lincoln, for example. 许多伟人从贫困中崛起,例如林肯。You can take your research work for example.
17. Today, the number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly. 目前在中学习英语的人数正在迅速增长。
18. the largest number of 大多数的
China has the largest number of people.中国有着世界上最多的人。
19. It is not easy for a Chinese person to speak English as fluently as a native speaker. 中国人说英语很难像以英语为母语的人说英语那么流利。
20. One reason is that English has a large vocabulary. 一个原因是英语有很大的词汇量。
21. different English speaking countries 不同的说英语的国家
22. sing sb a song = sing a song for sb
23. turn off
turn on
turn up
turn down
24. hold on 坚持住,握住不放;(打电话时)不挂断,等—会hold on to vt. 拉住(抓牢)
25. believe it or not 信不信由你
26. those who reported the news were expected to speak excellent English 人们期望新闻播音员所说的英语是最好的英语
27. … you will hear the difference in the way(that/ in which) people speak. 你会听出人们在说话时的差异。
28. play a role/ part (in) 在…中担任角色;在…中起作用;扮演一个角色;参与
play an important role/ part 在…中起重要作用
Deng Xiaoping played an important part in developing the economy in China.邓小平在中国经济的发展过程中起着重要作用。
29. from one place to another 从一个地方到另一个地方
30. the same …as… 与……一样
31. … they still recognize and understand each other’s dialects. ……他们仍然能够辨别、理解彼此的方言。
32. No problem.没问题
33. a nice fall day = a lovely autumn day
34. at the top of…在…顶上,在最高位,
at the bottom of 在……底部
35. keep fit
You need exercise and keep fit.你需要运动和保持体形。
36. build up逐渐积聚,集结;逐步建立;增进,增强
bring up 教养,养育;提出
37. When you learn English, try to have fun with the language. 当学英语的时候,努力找出语言的乐趣。
38. Visitors are requested not to take photos in the museum. 博物馆要求参观的旅客不得在馆内拍照。
39. by candle light 借助于烛光
40. be satisfied with…对……感到满意,满足于
Never be satisfied with just a little success. 不要有一点成绩就满足。
41. She suggested using CDs to listen to English songs and learn English expressions, watching the news and interviews on CCTV 9, and trying to listen to native speakers.她建议用CD来听英语歌曲和学习英语短语,看新闻和中央电视台9套访谈,努力听以英语为母语的人说话。
It is suggested that ...有人提议... I suggest that ...我觉得[认为]
I suggested you do what he says. 我建议你按照他说的去做。
I suggest you not go tomorrow. 我想你明天还是不要去了。
His pale face suggested that he was in bad health. 他苍白的脸色暗示了他身体不好。
42. at sea在海上 当海员 迷惑, 茫然by sea乘船,经海路
by the sea
在海边, 在海岸边 in the sea在海里
on the sea 在海上
beyond/over the sea在海外
She tried to understand the instructions, but she was completely at sea.
43. according to … 按照…… He lives according to her means他按他的方式生活


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